Professional Fee Options

Our services can be charged based upon a pre-determined flat rate fee, an hourly fee or billing according to tariff.

Pre-Determined Flat Rate Fees

The advantage of this billing choice is that one knows the fees right from the start. The pre-requisite for this fee model is a good estimate of the hourly work expected to handle the case.

Hourly Fees

The fees are agreed upon per time unit. The fee amount depends upon the difficulty of the services to be provided. The lawyer does not only have to keep records of the type of services but also the time spent on these services.

Billing According To Tariff

The foundations for this type of invoicing are the Austrian Lawyer’s Fees Act (RATG), the Austrian General Criteria of Fees (AHK) or the Notary’s Fees Act (NTG). The Austrian Lawyer’s Fees Act (RATG) is applicable to lawyers’ services in connection with lawsuits. It also serves as the default guide to invoicing when an agreement between the lawyer and the client on the method of billing is absent.

Note – In general Austrian lawyers are entitled to ask for an adequate down payment and/or payment installments before the completion of a case and are allowed to retain funds received by the firm on behalf of the client regarding unsettled fees.

Note 2 – in Austria Legal Insurance is optional for clients to purchase. It covers the cost of a lawsuit if the case is lost. BohmannLegal can manage the correspondence and billing with a client’s insurance company if the respective case is an insured event.